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Conception de la cuisine À domicile

Recueil de récits et de témoignages de membres de la communauté anatolienne vivant au Canada au sujet de la cuisine, de l’espace, des souvenirs et d’autres thèmes.

Designing Domestic Dining is a collaborative research project exploring intersections of food, memory, interior spaces, and domestic technology.


Our interdisciplinary research team is comprised of faculty, curators, and students from Carleton University (Public History and School for Studies in Art and Culture), Algonquin College (Interior Design), and Ingenium: Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation.


We invited members of Anatolian communities in Ottawa and Montreal to create a dish of personal significance and discuss it with us in a series of online interviews. As they made the food before our eyes (over Zoom), they shared with us their culinary techniques, the design and use of their food spaces, and some of the traditions and memories they associate with making and eating the dish. Through our conversations, we learned more about how food shapes cultural and social experience and can engender a sense of belonging.


We hope you enjoy the reflections and recipes collected here.


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Traditionnellement d’Ankara

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